Who is Dimitri?


Engineers aren't made, they're born.  You've probably seen them - two year olds fascinated by machinery.  I was one of those kids. We engineers see the world as a series of problems crying out for solutions.  I've been solving problems my entire life but recently realized the biggest problems require federal legislation to solve.  That's why I'm running for Congress.

Where do you stand on the issues?

70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.  With one minor disaster - a lost job, a broken-down car, loss of an apartment, a serious illness -  223 million Americans could very quickly spiral down to homelessness and poverty.  

There is no single issue more important to the long-term survival of our civilization than changing the rules of our current game of capitalism to no longer favor the winners and exclude the rest of us.  Help me put capitalism to work for ALL of US.

Where can I see Dimitri speak?

Come meet me and see me speak. 


The Green Party of Charleston and South Carolina.  The Coalition to take back our neighborhoods.  Bobbie Rose. George Tempel.  Richard Hayes.


How can I help?

Will you be responsible for placing some signs? 


If you're not talking about the "issues", what are you proposing?

After a few years of economic studies, and lots of quiet thinking time, I've come up with five legislative actions that when implemented together could change our game of capitalism to work for ALL of US. 

Listen to my interview with the conservative talk radio host Rocky-D.

An interview with Dimitri.  Part 1.

An interview with Dimitri.  Part 1.