CHERNY for Congress 2018

CHERNY is the American Radical candidate, thinking outside the box, for the future of
We the People of the Lowcountry, America, and the entire planet.

Not a Republican. Not a Democrat. 

Just an American.

Vote in the Open Primary on Tuesday, June 12th and ask for the Republican ballot to vote for CHERNY (and remove Sanford) and start to make America what we've always known it could be, with liberty and justice for ALL of us.

Disgusted that the leadership of both parties have migrated toward big money and away from We the People, CHERNY is not a blue Democrat and not a red Republican.
Like most of us, CHERNY is somewhere in the purple middle, beholden to no political party, eager to work with anyone willing to improve the quality of life of ALL Americans, committed to providing equal opportunity and justice for ALL, and determined to help ensure the long-term survival and advancement of our civilization. 
With your vote in the Republican Open Primary on Tuesday, June 12th, using all he's learned in his previous two runs for Congress in 2014 and 2016, Dimitri Cherny will remove Mark Sanford as South Carolina's 1st Congressional district representative in Washington and give you a real choice in November. Vote in the Open Primary on Tuesday June 12th and ask for the Republican ballot to cast your vote for the Radical We the People need in Washington to make our future better.


CHERNY's announcement video.

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Who is candidate CHERNY?

In 2014, when no other candidate met the deadline to run against Mark Sanford, CHERNY took the radical step of becoming the independent write-in candidate for the 1st Congressional district. CHERNY ended up receiving 6% of the vote - an unheard of number of write-in votes - proving to him that maybe his radical ideas weren't so radical after all.

In 2016, CHERNY paid his $3450 to become the Democratic candidate for the 1st Congressional district to replace Mark Sanford. Thinking outside the box, CHERNY ran a radical campaign unlike any before. He didn't buy the database of voter information from the Democratic party. He didn't knock on doors. He didn't mail out flyers. He didn't make any phone calls. He didn't have a campaign staff. He didn't have a high-priced professional campaign manager. He didn't kowtow to rich people for big campaign contributions. In fact he raised and spent less than $30,000 with an average campaign contribution of about $30 (talk about fiscal responsibility).

In true radical fashion, thinking outside the box, CHERNY rode his bike and paddled and sailed his little canoe for 80 days and 1,000 miles all over the Lowcountry, sleeping on the couches of new friends, talking to hundreds of people, and asking lots of questions.  CHERNY's already out-of-the-box campaign evolved toward an extremely "Radical" position well outside what either party was suggesting - promoting the five things everyone he met on his journey told him they wanted Washington to do to make their lives better. Who would have thought promoting what the people of the Lowcountry wanted of their federal government was RADICAL?

In the end, CHERNY received more votes than any previous Democratic candidate in the 1st Congressional district. Proving that we the people are looking for a radical way forward, CHERNY received more votes than any other Democratic candidate in South Carolina in 2016. And like a true radical, CHERNY did it all while raising and spending less than $30,000 - a tiny fraction of the campaign funds spent by all of the other 2016 Congressional candidates in South Carolina. 

In 2018, CHERNY is again thinking outside the box and taking the radical step of running in the Republican primary because his previous runs for Congress proved to him that the 1st Congressional district of South Carolina is too gerrymandered to ever allow a Democratic candidate to win. Even the DCCC agrees and won't support a Democratic candidate in SC's 1st Congressional district in 2018.

Maybe we the people of the Lowcountry and Americans everywhere are finally ready for a true radical in Congress - a radical willing to work the system and think outside the box to get the job done. Go to your polling place for the Open Primary on Tuesday, June 12th and ask for the Republican ballot to cast your vote for CHERNY for Congress. The Radical we the people need for our future.


In the summer of 2016, CHERNY biked and paddled 1,000 miles in 80 days all over the lowcountry asking hundreds of people this question: 
"What one or two things could the federal government do to make your life better?"


What is "Gerrymandering"? 

When he analyzed the vote results in November 2016, CHERNY noticed that all six of the new Democratic candidates in all six of the challenged Congressional districts in South Carolina fell short by more than 70,000 votes. Yet in all the Congressional districts of South Carolina, the vote is consistently around 37% for Democratic candidates, and 60% for Republican candidates. If the districts of South Carolina were drawn "fairly" to represent the cross-section of South Carolina voters, with seven Congressional districts, South Carolina should have at least two, perhaps three representatives in Congress who do not represent the Republican party. Instead we have just one district that consistently votes for the Democratic candidate - the 6th district - represented by Jim Clyburn since 1993. 

Congressional districts are redrawn by state legislatures every ten years after each census. Every Congressional district in the US now has approximately 700,000 people within it. A challenge to gerrymandered Congressional districts is now before the Supreme Court. A challenge to Pennsylvania's even more egregious gerrymandering was just upheld by a US federal district court and Pennsyslvania just had it's congressional districts redrawn for 2018's elections. Hopefully something similar will happen in South Carolina sometime in the future to ensure the people of South Carolina have equal representation in Washington. Fortunately, in the 1960's, the South Carolina legislature created another way to beat gerrymandering - "Open Primaries".

How to beat Gerrymandering.

Open Primaries allow any registered voter in South Carolina to vote in either the Republican or the Democratic primary, but not both. Open Primaries also means that in South Carolina, voters need not declare a party, meaning candidates can run in any primary they want and let the voters decide who should be the final candidates in the general election in November regardless of party affiliation. While this tactic has been used often in South Carolina to promote "fake Democrats" like Alvin Greene in 2010 and Phil Black in 2014 and 2016.

CHERNY is running an experiment. Will the good people of the 1st Congressional district who are fed-up with the rigged system that makes the already rich even richer while ignoring the rest of us, who are fed-up with coin-operated politicians in Washington, who are fed-up with 'traditional' candidates interested in winning only to maintain the status-quo, will We the People, see CHERNY as our best opportunity to start America on a better path for the future? With your help, simply by telling everyone you know about CHERNY, and chipping-in a few dollars for campaign expenses, YOU can make this experiment a success. That's how we beat gerrymandering.


CHERNY's running in the Republican Primary? 

CHERNY is running in the Open Primary on Tuesday, June 12th, 2018 on the Republican ballot because THAT is where the competition happens in the highly gerrymandered 1st Congressional district. He discovered in 2016 that newspapers, television stations, radio stations, magazines, all forms of mass media in the Lowcountry simply ignore the Democratic candidates in the Lowcountry, (even the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee - the DCCC - ignores the Democratic candidates in the 1st Congressional district). With no mass media coverage, most of the voters in the 1st Congressional district never heard of CHERNY in 2016. Yet numerous conversations with long-time Republican voters in 2016 ended with, "You're a good guy. I'm voting for you. And Trump." CHERNY is sure his message appeals to the majority of citizens in the Lowcountry, if they could only hear it. Without hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on TV ads, the only way to get CHERNY's message out to We the People of the Lowcountry is to run in the only race the press covers and is therefore competitive - the Republican Primary.

When the game is rigged, think outside the box to win.

With your vote on Tuesday, June 12th, CHERNY can win the Republican Primary, removing Mark Sanford as our mis-representative in Washington without having to beat him in the general election.
If CHERNY wins the Republican Primary, in addition to causing heads to explode all over the country, he will face any other candidates from other parties in the general election on Tuesday, November 6th.

But whether CHERNY wins or loses in the general election,
Mark Sanford will no longer be our representative in Washington. 

Vote in the Republican primary on Tuesday, June 12th to get Mark Sanford out of office and let CHERNY be the radical voice We the People need in Washington.

Any registered voter in South Carolina can vote in either the Republican or Democratic primary on June 12th, but in only one primary.
Are you registered to Vote?

If you have a South Carolina drivers license or identification card, you can register to vote online. Do it right here with the button below. The last day to register to vote in the Open Primary is Friday, May 11th.   

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"I can't vote in the Republican Open Primary because
my favored Democratic candidate has a primary challenger."

There are about 700,000 people in the 1st Congressional district of South Carolina. In 2016, CHERNY received 119,000 votes, Sanford about 190,000. We had about two-thirds of registered voters come out that year, meaning there are more than 460,000 registered voters in the district, out of more than 560,000 people of voting age. Yet in the 2016 Republican Open Primary between Jenny Horne and Mark Sanford, only 30,000 people came out to vote - about 7% . If you have a sibling, parent, partner or friend who doesn't have strong feelings about the Democratic candidates running in the primary, convince them to get to the polls on Tuesday June 12th and let's see if we can get 60,000 people to vote in the Republican Open Primary this year and get things rolling in Washington.  

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