CHERNY for Congress 2018


The blatantly obvious requirements for any modern human society.

Let's make America what we've always known it could be with liberty and justice for ALL of us.

  • Equal opportunity, pay, justice, opportunity, and rights for all of us regardless of gender expression, race, culture, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation, health, wealth, abilities, country of birth, or native language. It's time for the Equal Rights Amendment 2.0. 

  • An end to voter suppression and election fraud. Voting machines with paper receipts, making hand recounts possible and software hacking impossible. 

  • Elimination of the slavery exception clause in the 13th amendment and the "prisons for profit" it enables.

  • A regulated and legal cannabis and hemp industry and immediate release, amnesty, and re-training for all previous cannabis "criminals".

  • An end to both the school to prison pipeline, and police "quotas" on number of stops and arrests.

  • Demilitarization of police forces. End the slave-catcher mentality and encourage police who want to be more like firemen with new incentives for cops who "help not hunt"

  • A "nobody dies" policy for all police actions, as practiced by other countries.

  • A "citizen's justice system" that presumes innocence, not a "criminal justice system" that presumes guilt.

  • Rehab not revenge for the incarcerated. Recognize that society has failed most "criminals". Let's make it right when we have the chance.

  • Federally guaranteed family leave, maternity leave, sick leave, and vacation for everyone working full-time.

  • An end to corporate welfare and cronyism for the fortune 1000 companies.

  • The right to collective bargaining and organizing for all employees.

  • International trade agreements that mutually benefit average people for the long-term betterment of all of civilization, not agreements that only provide short-term benefits to the already wealthy.

  • A fair, humane and economically sound immigration policy that acknowledges the coming wave of climate change refugees as demonstrated by the Syrian exodus into Europe.

  • A reasonable path to citizenship for everyone already living in America.

  • Federally incentivized, affordable, safe and convenient housing at numerous price points that includes the homeless. 

  • Federally funded public transit options to reduce traffic and pollution and increase quality of life for everyone. 

  • Sensible gun purchase and ownership laws that reduce gun deaths by half or more and eliminate mass murders with semi-automatic weapons.