Help CHERNY win the Republican Open Primary
with a financial contribution...

... to remove Mark Sanford as our representative in Washington,
and provide a real choice in the general election in November. 

Click here to Make a Financial Contribution

Talk about fiscal responsibility. 

In 2016 the CHERNY for Congress campaign raised and spent less than $30,000 and yet received more votes than any other Democratic challenger in SC, all of whom spent many times more dollars, as much as $700,000. If we're serious about "getting money out of politics", it starts here by running a campaign that thinks outside the box so it doesn't need hundreds of thousands of dollars to win. 

But we still need to pay for social media and other marketing efforts that proved so successful - yard signs, bigger signs, radical campaign stunts, dog and pony shows, and lots of mileage. 

If you contribute a few dollars today, if you share everything you see on social media with your virtual and especially your real friends, and with your vote in the Open Republican Primary on Tuesday, June 12th, CHERNY can go on to the biggest political upset of 2018, and offer a real choice for the 1st Congressional district in November.

Contributions can also be made by check made out to "CHERNY for Congress" 
and mailed to 164 Market Street #197, Charleston, SC 29401
Please note your employer and your occupation on your checks. Both are required by the Federal Election Commission. 

Campaign contributions can only come from individuals, not businesses.
$2,700 is the maximum donation per person, per election ($2700 for the primary, another $2700 for the general election). 
Campaign contributions are not tax deductible.