Is CHERNY a Republican?

CHERNY is an American and doesn't follow the directives of any political party leadership. When he was the Democratic nominee in 2014, the South Carolina Democratic party made it clear to him their support started and ended with his ability to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. Because he didn't, he received only token support from the SC Democratic Party. And yet, with less than thirty thousand dollars CHERNY received more votes than any other Democratic candidate in SC in 2016. That experience showed him that political parties, like most organizations, are primarily concerned with their own survival first. That survival boils down to providing a paycheck to a number of people in the organization. If a candidate doesn't help that goal by bringing in the dollars, they don't get support. The same is true for any political party, Republican or Democratic. It's understandable when viewed from the organization's perspective. But when the rank and file members of an organization think it exists to improve the quality of their lives, , ,  After the 2016 campaign, CHERNY penned an open letter to the South Carolina Democratic party, along with his Blue Brothers. Read it here. 

Consequently, CHERNY thinks political parties have helped divide America and make life worse for most of us over the last fifty years. For that reason, CHERNY would like to see an end to the dominance of political parties in America. He also knows that getting money out of politics is a requirement if our democracy is to survive and that's unlikely to happen as long as two parties have the country divided. CHERNY also knows from the experience of two previous Congressional campaigns how the election system is currently rigged to highly favor those in office. New candidates are kept from getting the air-time they need to get their message disbursed without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on mass advertising while incumbents are in the news for free, everyday. 

So CHERNY is trying something different this year. We hope you would also like to try something different this year. Vote for CHERNY in the Republican Primary on Tuesday, June 12th. And before then, tell everyone you know about CHERNY for Congress.