Elected representatives of the past had the luxury of getting into Congress and taking a few years to earn seniority before proposing legislation meant to make a positive difference in the lives of their constituents (well . . . at least in the lives of their biggest campaign contributors). No one felt much urgency to make changes to a system that seemed to be working pretty well for most people, especially when the people elected to Congress were millionaires. Urgency is only felt by those for whom the system isn't working so well, and historically, people elected to Congress have all been wealthy enough to take the time off from their careers to hit the campaign trail (a whole-nother problem with our current election process).
Unfortunately, we no longer have that luxury of waiting a few years to make a difference in the lives of our constituents. The vast majority of people studying the issue say we must get off all fossil fuels by 2025 or greatly increase the risk that earth becomes uninhabitable for our grand-kids and their grand-kids. , Yes, the earth will still be here, but our civilization will not be able to sustain itself, meaning our grand-kids will starve to death or be killed by marauding hordes made up of your other grand-kids. The worst Mad-Max scenarios could be real in a hundred years if we don't make changes now. 

Similarly, the great concentration of wealth into a tiny segment of the population has created a ticking time bomb of resentment, fear and anger. History shows us that previous civilizations always progress to this same point and then collapse from some unanticipated or neglected outside force (see climate change, above). As much fun as post-apocolyptic stories seem (not at all), I don't want to submit anyone or their children and grandchildren to that type of future. If I have anything to do with it, we will be the first civilization to come to the brink and walk it back. To do that we MUST reduce the fear and improve the quality of life of We The People before, like every civilization preceding us, society collapses from inaction.

To that end, my first two years in Congress will be busy spent promoting these issues to a wider audience, building alliances within Congress, and forming majority coalitions with no regard for political parties or affiliations - coalitions that can enact the legislation below that will save civilization from greed and stupidity.


The Clean Fuels Act of 2020 - 50 years after the Clean Air Act of 1970

Quickly transitioning off all carbon-based fuels currently produced from fossil-oil, to carbon-based fuels produced from bio-oils - non-food, renewable, sustainable bio-oil feedstocks such as algae, corn stover, and switchgrass - with a target of 2025 as the end of fossil-fuels use in America. Via federal regulations, over five years, all gasoline, all diesel, all home heating oil, all propane, all LNG, be produced from bio-oils instead of fossil-oils.

For you and me, this change will be transparent. Gradually over the next few years, the gasoline we buy will contain larger and larger percentages of gasoline produced from bio-oils instead of fossil-oils. Prices might fluctuate initially, but will most likely eventually drop. It's much less expensive to grow enough oil in a few hundred square miles of land for all the US to use, than it is to pump it out of the ground. By 2026, one hundred percent of all the fuels we use will be produced from carbon-neutral biological oils instead of carbon-adding fossil-fuels.

The big oil companies have been researching these alternative oil production methods for decades. They simply lack the incentive to implement them at large scale. This legislation will finally provide the incentive (and market clarity) they've been waiting for. The result will be no additional CO2 put into the atmosphere starting in 2026. Yes, there will still probably be 450ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere, guaranteeing an ocean-level rise of at least 30 feet in the coming decades and two degrees Celsius of planet warming. But the worst "runaway" green-house effects may be avoided. The carbon-bomb may not go off. 

For investors in fossil-fuel still in the ground, this will be financially catastrophic. But they've had forty years to get out of fossil fuels. We're now out of time for leaving it up to the free-market. We're out of time for letting "consumers choose". We're out of time for carbon trading. We're out of time for incentives for Exxon/Mobil stock-holders to force change from within. With only six years left, it's now time for industrial regulations and criminal charges for non-compliance to be implemented. Nothing else can make the necessary changes in six years. It's now up to We The People to save the future for our children. Hopefully the rest of the world will follow our lead.


The stagnant dollar collection act of 2020 - Federal tax overhaul

Federal taxes collected do not pay for federal spending. I'll say it again. Federal taxes collected do not pay for federal spending. Federal taxes collected do two things; 1. Federal taxes provide incentive and disincentive for actions of individuals and corporations. 2. Federal taxes take dollars out of circulation as a control on price inflation.

New US dollars are created whenever the federal government pays a bill, pays a salary, or buys something. Old US dollars are essentially destroyed whenever they are collected as federal taxes. Those are the facts about how sovereign "fiat" monetary systems work. #learnMMT  Understanding the lifecycle of our US dollars gives We-the-People incredible power to put new dollars where they can do the most good for our society, and to take away dollars from where they are not helping our society - where they are "stagnant" towards the advancement of civilization. 

With that understanding, where should US dollars be removed from society?

  • Where are US dollars not helping create the America we've always know it can be?
  • Where are US dollars not circulating through hundreds of hands?
  • Where are US dollars not improving the quality of life for the most number of people?
  • What behaviors of individuals and/or corporations that are detrimental to the long-term survival and advancement of America and the entire planet should we dis-incentivize with higher taxes ?
  • What behaviors of individuals and corporations do we want to promote with reduced federal taxes? 

Those are the questions we must ask to determine the best federal tax policies, based on a factual understanding of the lifecycle of US dollars - not the myths of the "balanced budget" and the "federal debt".


The Hometown Investment act of 2020 - Local Community Mutual Fund creation

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The Medicare for All act 2020 - Universal Single-Payer healthcare for all.

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The Strong Social Security act of 2020 - 

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The American Education act of 2020 - free public college/tech schools, increased federal school grants, American kids=Global Citizens funding

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The People’s Election act of 2020 - publicly funded campaigns and the end of election corruption

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The Coastal Retreat act of 2020 - compensation for endangered properties and buildings and a graceful migration from rising waters.

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