CHERNY's running in the Republican Primary? 

CHERNY is running in the Open Primary on Tuesday, June 12th, 2018 on the Republican ballot because THAT is where the competition happens in the highly gerrymandered 1st Congressional district. He discovered in 2016 that newspapers, television stations, radio stations, magazines, all forms of mass media in the Lowcountry simply ignore the Democratic candidates in the Lowcountry, (even the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee - the DCCC - ignores the Democratic candidates in the 1st Congressional district). With no mass media coverage, most of the voters in the 1st Congressional district never heard of CHERNY in 2016. Yet numerous conversations with long-time Republican voters in 2016 ended with, "You're a good guy. I'm voting for you. And Trump." CHERNY is sure his message appeals to the majority of citizens in the Lowcountry, if they could only hear it. Without hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on TV ads, the only way to get CHERNY's message out to We the People of the Lowcountry is to run in the only race the press covers and is therefore competitive - the Republican Primary.

When the game is rigged, think outside the box to win.

With your vote on Tuesday, June 12th, CHERNY can win the Republican Primary, removing Mark Sanford as our mis-representative in Washington without having to beat him in the general election.
If CHERNY wins the Republican Primary, in addition to causing heads to explode all over the country, he will face any other candidates from other parties in the general election on Tuesday, November 6th.

But whether CHERNY wins or loses in the general election,
Mark Sanford will no longer be our representative in Washington. 

Vote in the Republican primary on Tuesday, June 12th to get Mark Sanford out of office and let CHERNY be the radical voice We the People need in Washington.

Any registered voter in South Carolina can vote in either the Republican or Democratic primary on June 12th, but in only one primary.
Are you registered to Vote?

If you have a South Carolina drivers license or identification card, you can register to vote online. Do it right here with the button below. The last day to register to vote in the Open Primary is Friday, May 11th.