CHERNY for Congress 2018



Do you think voting is a waste of your time?

My extensive and comprehensive interview with Dr. Joe Firestone of Real Progressives gave me the opportunity to talk through every single point on my platform, including my infamous "Search for Planet-B" that the Republican leadership so enjoys poking fun at. 
It took awhile - about a hundred minutes. So if you want to get an idea of what I plan to do with America, get comfortable and give it a listen.

The best place to bet your dollars to make your life better.

Interview with Quintin Washington on March 30th, 2018.

I attended the 420 rally in Marion Square hosted by Lowcountry NORML and was unexpectedly given the opportunity to speak to the gathered crowd. A little over five minutes total run time. 

I had a really nice radio interview with Calvin Logan on April 14th.

Twenty three minutes total, telling the entire story of why I'm running on the Republican ballot this year, why I'm running for Congress, and what I hope to accomplish while there. 

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Calvin Logan Show.jpg